Hey guys! Thank you for visiting Simply Bliss Photography. My name is Brittaney & this is my life! That handsome, blue eyed, furry faced man next to me is my husband, Justin! He is my partner in crime, best friend, and man of my dreams. We recently (November 5th!) got married & I can honestly say I have never been happier. My sweet hubs pushes my creativity to new heights, makes me laugh more than ANYONE, tells me I'm beautiful everyday, fixes everything that gets broken, (physically and emotionally!) feeds into ALL of my hopes, dreams and ambitions, spoils me rotten, loves me unconditionally, and has made my life more beautiful than it has EVER been. I thank God for him every single day and can't wait to experience all of the adventures we'll have together in the future. :) 

Don't be fooled by all this sweetness, we are still very HUMAN. We aren't perfect. Justin snores too loud, sings off key & doesn't always put dishes in the sink when he's done eating. I forget to water the plants, get way too sensitive & don't load the dishwasher every night. We don't live a fairy tale life. We argue, disagree, and make mistakes. But we're so lucky that God's strength is PERFECT in our time of weakness and because of our relationship with Him, our love for each other continues to grow every single day.

I've been so in LOOVVEE with photography for quite some time now, but never had the chance to pursue it. Thank God for a husband who pushes me to achieve anything my heart is set on. He bought me a fancy camera & lens, helped me set up a few adds, and BAM. I'm just a girl, trying to make a living doing what I love and maybe tackle a few dreams here and there. ;) 

Feel free to leave comments, they make my day!!

Contact me at: BrittaneyAllen@hotmail.com